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In this market, which has the highest liquidity in the world, we provide you with a variety of bidirectional transactions 5 days a week and 24 hours a day with our special spread rates. We recommend that you do not trade without taking a look at our portfolio ranging from major parities to exotic parities.


Global Markets / Indices, which offer quite good opportunities for our investors to increase their earnings, can be added to your investment portfolio with the difference of Limit Markets, and you can have the opportunity to make profit from both increase and decrease in the prices which is one of the important features of this market.


Contract for Difference (CFDs) are the various products that allow you to trade the price movements of key financial assets, such as indices, stocks and commodities. Our investors have the opportunity to gain limitless earnings in various financial markets with prices moving up or down


Metals with low volatility and highest liquidity are easily predictable, making them a good choice for both beginners and experienced traders. An important feature of over-the-counter metal transactions is that it provides inflation protection, which is vulnerable to exchange rate fluctuations, but not offered by other financial assets.


You can increase the diversity of your portfolio by trading commodities such as oil, gold, silver and natural gas that drive foreign exchange trade. Our investors, who want to gain from the commodities that are affected by economic, political and environmental factors, keep track of all market developments and analyzes of Limit Markets and keep a finger on the pulse of the markets at any time.

Why Choose Limit Markets?

As the Limit Markets family, we believe that each of our customers should have access to professional investors and market information and analysis. We strive to provide you a professional service where Market Data, Interactive Economic Calendar, Daily/Instant Analyses and Special reports are available.

24/6 Deposit and Withdrawal

Collaborating with many major banks around the world, we also offer the ability to work one day more than the markets and deposit and withdraw money 6 days 24 hours.

Spread Rates Tailored to You

We know that the main focus is on a profitable strategy, by putting our investors at the heart of our business and offering you tailored spread rates.

Two-Way Trading

One of the most advantageous features of the Forex market is the two way trading opportunity as you can turn every price change in the market in your favour by assessing our special offers for you.

Risk Management

Thanks to the award-winning platform we use, you can minimize your risk with pending orders. With the analysis and investment strategy support of our experts, you make limitless gains without interruption.

Market with the Highest Trading Volume In The World

The costs reflected in transactions in the Forex market are significantly lower due to high liquidity and global competition. Therefore, new investors are attracted to it every day and the volume of transactions constantly increases.

Leverage Ratio up to 1:200

You can get into big positions with low costs and thus make big profits with a small amount of capital. It is a useful tool for making limitless earnings in the investment markets. High earnings can be achieved with the right trading strategy.

Online Platform Accessible at Any Time

Accessibility is as important to the forex market as to the modern digital world. A platform designed to provide you with the most efficient trading experience possible from anywhere, at any time, gives our investors full control over their transactions.

Diversity Of Investment Instruments

The top priority for us are the needs of our investors. Each type of investor finds a suitable investment instrument and adds it to his portfolio. Thus, the investor increases his earnings by using potential transaction advantages.

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  • International Background & Experience
  • Access to Investment Experts
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • Special Spread Rates
  • 24/5 Live Support
  • Leverage ratio up to 1:200
  • Expert Training Support
  • Daily, Instant Analyses
  • International Background & Experience
  • Access to Investment Experts
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • Special Spread Rates
  • Award-Winning Trading Platform
  • 24/6 free deposit and withdrawal
  • Leverage ratio up to 1:200
  • Daily, Instant Analyses, Special Market Reports
  • High Commission Rates
  • Access to Private IB Strategists
  • White Label Partnership
  • Special Spread Rates
  • Award-Winning Trading Platform
  • Real-time market tracking
  • MAM Account Benefits
  • Advanced Risk Management

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