Limit Markets has been active in many areas of financial markets and has brought together experts with many years of experience. Following our consultancy last year, we have taken Financial Services Commission of Mauritius License (License No: GB20025939) in 2020 and we take big steps in reliability thanks to the cooperation and trust of our investors. Our goal is to make a difference with the principle of transparency in trading.

As the Limit Markets family, we believe that our Individual Customers must have the same opportunity to access market's information and analysis, as the professional investors do.

We offer services where Market Data, Interactive Economic Calendar and Support/Resistance reports are available free throughout the day to our customers. Besides, we offer you the ability to reach out to our research team directly.

We are also proud to offer the competitive prices in collaboration with the major banks in the world. With an approximately 100% up time, order transmission speed and price stability on our Trading Platform, we know that our investors will feel our difference when there is a professional company standing behind them.


Why ChooseLimit Markets?

As the Limit Markets family, we believe that each of our customers should have access to professional investors and market information and analysis. We strive to provide you a professional service where Market Data, Interactive Economic Calendar, Daily/Instant Analyses and Special reports are available.

24/6 Deposit and Withdrawal

The fact that you get the maximum benefit from instant volatility of the markets is important for us. Therefore, by collaborating with many banks around the world, we also offer the ability to work one day more than markets and deposit and withdraw money 6 days 24 hours. Thus, Limit Markets investors are much more cautious and equipped to deal with the risks and opportunities that occur in the market.

Spread Rates Tailored To You

We have already mentioned that it is quite easy to start trading in the investment markets with us. We know that the main focus is on a profitable strategy, by putting our investors at the heart of our business and we offer you specific spread rates. To find out how, you can get information right away.

Two-Way Trading

You can both buy and sell in a change of value, such as gaining and losing value of financial instruments. One of the most advantageous features of the Forex market is the bidirectional trading opportunity and you turn every price change in the market in your favor by assessing our specially offers for you.

Risk Management

Thanks to the award-winning platform we use, you can minimize your risk with pending orders. With the analysis and investment strategy support of our experts, you make limitless gains without interruption.

Market with Highest Trading Volume In The World

The costs reflected in transactions in the Forex market are significantly lower due to high liquidity and global competition. Therefore, it gains new investors every day and the volume of transactions increases even more each day.

Leverage Ratio up to 1:200

You can get into big positions with low costs and thus make high profits with low capital. It is a useful tool for making limitless earnings in investment markets. High earnings can be achieved along with the right trading strategy.

Online Platform Accessible at Any Time

Easiness and Accessibility are as important to the forex market as to the advanced digital world. A platform designed to provide you with the most efficient trading experience possible from anywhere, at any time, benefits our investors with full control of their transactions. You can easily download the Limit Markets platform from any smart devices and use it with the same features on all the devices.

Diversity Of Investment Instruments

The top priority for us is the needs of our investors. Each type of investor finds a suitable investment instrument and adds it to his portfolio. Thus, investor increases his earnings by taking potential transaction advantages.

Our Platform

MetaTrader 5

Are you ready to explore the most widely used MetaTrader 5 trading terminal in the world and trade with the advantages of Limit Markets on this platform?

  • Whether you're a beginner or an expert investor, you have all the freedoms of this platform that suits you best and this platform is the most preferred in the investment industry.
  • With its easy-to-use, you have access to it with your desktop, smart mobile and tablet devices at all times, and you can make transactions in any environment, anytime you need.
  • MetaTrader 5 Features

  • Opportunity to perform transactions on more than 100 investment products
  • Ease of performing instantaneous transactions and pending orders with one click
  • Fast, real-time and reliable technical analysis with 30 popular technical indicators and 24 advanced graphic tools
  • Feature to view the account statement in report form in the desired time
  • Order alternatives such as profit and loss cut in addition to multiple pending order types
  • Simple interface to appeal to the entire investor audience, from beginners to professional investors
  • Algorithmic Trading Option
  • Supports more than 30 languages

Explore MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is the most preferred Forex trading platform in the world with its user-friendly interface. With MT4, you can trade for 24 hours every day when the market is open and you can create pending orders. MT4, with its advanced graphics package and 30 technical indicators, provides a different experience than other trading platforms on the market.

MetaTrader 5 is a platform favored by individual users and the world's leading brokers. It provides users with opportunities such as access to comprehensive financial instruments and page layout creation. In addition, the availability of more than 30 languages makes MetaTrader 5 a global platform.

Using the preferences of more than 2000 institutions in the world since MetaTrader 5 is important in terms of platform reliability and development.

MetaTrader 5 Platform is based on four main screens:

1. Market Observation / Market Watch Screen

The investor sees the instruments he can trade and can arrange them according to his or her will. Detailed information about the instruments can be obtained from this screen. The time interval, Swap and Spread information that the product operates in can also reached through this screen.

2. Navigator (Guide) Screen

This is the screen where the investor enters the account and can switch between the different accounts. Basically, besides switching between accounts, different indicators and softwares are also available in the guide screen, which allows you to add favorite tools and access easily.

3. Terminal Screen

Screen with information about the open account.

The investor reaches all information about their open and pending transactions under the transaction tab. Profit/Loss tracking can be monitored instantaneously, so that any desired position can be intervened at any time.

The news tab contains news feed on global markets. On the mailbox tab, you can reach the e-mails we send to you.

4. Graphics Display

It is the screen that shows the instant price changes of financial instruments. When analyzing, you can actively use the relevant area of the instrument you want to examine. Three different types of graphics are available on the MetaTrader 5 platform. As in the financial markets, the Forex market also has a distinct lot of candlestick charts.

It is possible to purchase additional applications via MetaTrader 5 and test them.

Mobile MT4

With the MetaTrader 5 mobile application, you are at the top of your transactions at any time, anywhere, without being connected to a fixed location. You can use the limit Markets MetaTrader 5 app on all your devices that support Android and iOS.

  • Mobile MetaTrader 5 Features

  • Unlimited and controlled operations from anywhere in the world
  • Access to many features compatible with MetaTrader 5 processing platform
  • Easy operations with all types of orders
  • Expert advisor technology
  • Technical analysis with improved graphics

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