Account Types

At Limit Markets, we strive to provide our investors with the best possible conditions. You can choose the most suitable account type for each of our investors according to their special needs and start your transactions immediately. In this way, you have the flexibility to operate at the desired level. Do not make decisions without looking at our competitive conditions that we have specially designed to meet the demands of our investors.

Free Real Account

Start trading in investment markets with real account conditions that we have designed for you. Leverage rates up to 1: 200, 24 hours 5 days trading, 24 hours 6 days deposit and withdrawal to your account as well as the possibilities you can benefit free of charge.

With Limit Markets, you can start trading in investment markets in minutes. You can immediately start adding value to your investments by choosing from various account types, whether you're just starting or you're already an experienced investor. We provide you with all Limit Markets privileges, like leverage ratios up to 1:200, special spread rates tailored to you, as well as the ability to make investments in the markets 5 days a week, 24 hours a day and to make deposits and withdrawals 6 days a week, 24 hours a day free of charge. When creating your account, our Live Support Team will provide you with expert support in solving all your questions and needs.

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Free Demo Account

Before you enter the markets, you can try yourself and experience your knowledge by opening a virtual account with the $ 100.000 we have defined in your account. By opening a demo account, you will meet our award-winning platform and start trading in real market conditions.

You trade without risk. With the $ 100,000 virtual balance we deposit to your Demo account, you can get to know Limit Markets closely, gain experience with us, and test your trading skills.

You trade in real market conditions You can experience all the investment instruments we offer as Limit Markets by trying out different trading strategies.

Having full access to technical and fundamental analysis, special reports, and predictions of Limit Markets analysts and strategists, you can ask your questions on live broadcasts and learn how the markets will react to the news and data releases.

To access all these possibilities, click on the “Open Risk-Free Demo Account” button and follow the instructions.

If you're still unsure, you can contact us via our Live Support line, Social Media Channels, and phone numbers and ask anything about the investments and our company.

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IB Partners

With our always satisfying IB commission rates and our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use platform, we offer our IB program partners special offerings with the Limit Markets difference

As an institution with a large share in the Global market, we defend the principle of mutual trust and co-success in investment markets.

As Limit Markets, we provide our IB Program partners with special commission rates and free access to the most advanced tracking tools.


Limit Markets IB Partnership Program Features that Make a Difference:


  • Always Satisfactory IB Commission Rates
  • Advanced cookie tracking and web administrator panel structure suitable for the latest technologies
  • A platform for real-time monitoring of all clicks, interactions, application downloads and registrations
  • A personal IB Account Manager Support when you take advantage of all these features

If you would like to become our IB Program partner, contact us via our live support line or social media channels to get further information and find out more about the special rates.

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MAM Account

This is the type of account we offer our investors who want to manage unlimited accounts under one account. 

It is a multi-account management system that we prepare in accordance with the requirements.

  • You manage all portfolios from a single account with complete control. Since “MAM Account”, a special type of account, provides great convenience, it's highly preferred among our investors.

With this special system we have developed for you, our asset/fund managers;

  • Can manage unlimited accounts under a single account.
  • According to the features of the MAM Account, it automatically allocates transactions from the master account without having to forward them separately to all connected accounts (Slave Accounts). In this way, it maximizes its profit by saving time, which is the most valuable commodity in the investment markets.

If you are interested in this type of account, you can get further information about it by contacting us at any time through our live support line, Social Media channels, and phone numbers.

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Swap-Free/Islamic Account

This is the type of account specifically designed for our investors who do not want to be responsible for interest income or swap costs. With this account type, you trade transparently on various currency pairs, commodities and indices. Click here to learn more.

You may not want to be liable for the interest income/cost or Swap cost. We understand this and we offer you an Islamic Forex account option. All of our customers who create an Islamic account at Limit markets are completely exempt from Swap costs.

  • There is no requirement for our Islamic account holder investors, also called "Swap-free Account", to pay any Swap costs or interest on positions held overnight.

Contact us through our live support line, social media channels and phone numbers to get more detailed information about the Swap-free/Islamic Account and to consult our Expert Investment Advisers on any questions you may have.

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Rebate Account

With our rebate account type, we offer you the opportunity to earn twice. Our traders get their refund amount refunded by Limit Markets depending on their transaction amount. Click to learn the features.

As Limit Markets, we offer you the opportunity to win twice with a Rebate Account.

  • Depending on the amount of transactions you make in the Rebate Account, the refund amount will be deposited by Limit Markets as an extra to your account.
  • The return amount may vary depending on your investments, transaction volume and the product you are trading.
  • Rebate Account holders can use these accumulated savings as a side income and transfer them to their account at any time.

Please consult us for information about the Rebate Account and find out whether it suits your conditions. You can always reach us through our live support line, social media channels and phone numbers to request any information.

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