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Limit Markets investors can choose the most profitable instruments from our comprehensive trading instruments and diversify their investment portfolios easily. In addition to offering the best trading tools possible, we are also expanding our list to offer you many new opportunities.

In this market, which has the highest liquidity in the world, we provide you with a variety of bidirectional transactions 5 days a week and 24 hours a day with our special spread rates. We recommend that you do not trade without taking a look at our portfolio ranging from major parities to exotic parities.

As Limit Markets, we offer our investors a broad portfolio of investment products ranging from popular major currencies (such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY) to exotic currencies (such as CAD, NZD, AUD) as currency pairs.

We share major and exotic parities not only as products, but also daily as information on our Social Media channels and we also share basic and technical analyses and comments showing market developments according to the wishes and needs of our investors. Our investors are able to easily build and continue refining their strategies by receiving constant information and analysis.

Please contact us through our live support line, social media channels or phone numbers to learn about parities, leverage and spread rates in parities as well as other Limit Markets' investment products.

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You can increase the diversity of your portfolio by trading commodities such as oil, gold, silver and natural gas that drive foreign exchange trade. Our investors, who want to gain from the commodities that are affected by economic, political and environmental factors, keep track of all market developments and analyzes of Limit Markets and keep a finger on the pulse of the markets at any time

Limit Markets family investors can evaluate their money in underground treasures and precious metals such as gold and silver. You can increase the diversity of your portfolio by trading on the market-generated values of commodities such as oil, gold, silver and natural gas that drive trade, depending on supply and demand situations.

Our recommendation to investors who wish to trade in the commodity markets is to follow our basic and technical analysis and forecasts through our Social Media accounts and the Limit Markets Blog. With our content, you will find last-minute developments and expert comments that guide the markets, as well as gain insights into the traders' way of thinking. We'll connect you with our expert analysts and strategists for any details that you might require, and we'll help you take the right step with timely communication.

Please remember to ask our Live Support team about everything you're curious about, and follow them through our social media channels and live feeds.

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Global Markets / Indices, which offer quite good opportunities for our investors to increase their earnings, can be added to your investment portfolio with the difference of Limit Markets, and you can have the opportunity to make profit from both increase and decrease in the prices which is one of the important features of this market.

By sharing the data and developments of Global indices on our social media channels and the Limit Markets Blog according to the demands of our investors and market developments, our investors guide their current strategies through our continuous, current and moment-by-moment communication.

Contact us through our live support line, Social Media channels and phone numbers to learn more about Global Indices, leverage and spread rates in indices as well as other Limit Markets trading products and turn them in your favour.

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Contract for Difference (CFDs) are the various products that allow you to trade the price movements of key financial assets, such as indices, stocks and commodities. Our investors have the opportunity to gain limitless earnings in various financial markets with prices moving up or down.

With limitless earnings, CFDs allow you to invest not only in the future of products, but also in your own future. We strongly recommend that you get detailed information about CFD and CFD products.

You can easily reach us via Live Support, Social Media, Limit Markets Blog and phone numbers and ask every question you can think of, so that you can continue your trading operations easily.

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The primary energy source of the world economy is crude oil. Thus, crude oil and its derivatives constitute the most traded popular assets. We support our investors to understand the main factors affecting oil prices and to evaluate the opportunities of the energy market with high volatility and liquidity

Oil and gas are highly speculative assets. The energy market has high volatility and liquidity, which offers quite good opportunities for limitless earnings. The fact that natural resources are highly affected by political events and natural disasters makes it possible to accurately predict their short-term movements. We encourage you to consult our experts to find out how you can profit from energy products and follow the agenda and market news shared through the Limit Blog.

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Metals with low volatility and highest liquidity are easily predictable, making them a good choice for both beginners and experienced traders. An important feature of over-the-counter metal transactions is that it provides inflation protection, which is vulnerable to exchange rate fluctuations, but not offered by other financial assets.

Precious metals are products whose prices are easily predictable because they have the lowest volatility and the highest liquidity. It creates a good option for both beginners and experienced investors. It is also possible to win with small collaterals. Since precious metals have long existed, numerous strategy and technical tools exist. You can learn the leverage ratios we offer you as Limit Markets and start your stable and unlimited earnings period immediately.

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