Limit Markets, has been active in many areas of financial markets and has brought together experts with many years of experience. It was founded in 2012, aiming to offer a superior and different service to domestic and foreign investors.

It aims to make a difference with the principle of transparency in trading. Additionally, the company has a B type license in Dubai, obtained in 2012.

As the Limit Markets family, we believe that our Individual Customers must have the same opportunity to access market's information and analysis, as the professional investors do. 

We offer a service where Market Data, Live Session Room, Interactive Economic Calendar and Support/Resistance reports are available free throughout the day to our customers. In addition to that we offer you the ability to reach out to our research team directly. We are proud to offer the competitive prices of major banks throughout the world with ADS Securities that we have agreed with as a liquidity provider. With a close to 100% up time, order transmission speed and price stability on our Trading Platform, we know that our investors will feel our difference.

We invite you to meet the world of advantages in trading with Limit Markets.