Equity markets, which are the building blocks of international markets, are very important for the country's economy and the course of their economies.

It can easily operate on the stock exchanges of developed economies such as USA (Dow Jones, S & P, Nasdaq), UK (FTSE), Germany (DAX), France (CAC) and Limit Markets for 5 days with both buying and selling. You can win by catching up and down opportunities, which are the most important features of the global stock market.

We share the data and developments in the global indices through our social media channels and publish our analyzes according to the market developments according to the wishes of our customers. Thus, we provide uninterrupted information and analysis support to all our customers on basic and technical analysis for global indices.

If you have any questions such as global indices in Limit Markets, leverage and spread rates in indexes or request for information on Limit Markets, we are waiting for you on the live support line below.