Technical Analyses

The daily, weekly, monthly and instant technical analyses prepared by our research team that is comprised of specialized and experienced members will ensure that you don’t  lose track of your investments.


Research Reports

Start the day early with the daily bulletins prepared by our research department and brace yourself against the sharp mobility in the market.



Economic Calendar

Economic calendar is one of the most significant elements of basic analysis and provides investors with scheduled reports that include information on which data will be announced when and from which country during the day. The calendar includes the significance degree of the data that is announced, previous period’s data and expectation. The degree of how much the declared number deviates from the expectation has a critical importance in terms of market pricing. For example; if USA non-farm payrolls data that is expected to be 150 thousand is announced to be 160 thousand, it has a limited positive effect on US Dollar while if it is announced to be 200 thousand, it derives dollar considerable value. Or if non-farm payrolls data that is expected to be 150 thousand is announced to be 120 thousand, it has limited negative effect on the dollar while if it is announced to be 80 thousand, it causes the dollar to lose significant value.


News Feed

Important developments that affect market pricing are highly determinant for investors. It should be kept in mind that while such developments may affect short-term pricing, they may affect long-term pricing too. For example, while USA crude oil stocks are important for day pricing, the change that will occur in OPEC’s (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) manufacturing policy is important for long-term trend. For example, US inflation rate determines the course of dollar within the day. Besides, announcement of former President of Fed, Mr. Bernanke as to termination of bond purchase program in 2013 has determined the main trend of dollar.