When you cannot sleep at night, would you like to make a profit at 3am just as the Australian Central Bank raises their interest rates?

In addition to being the largest market in the world, the Forex market also includes many advantages. The advantages in question allow for high participation in the Forex market on one hand, while also allowing for high returns on the investments made.

The advantages of the Forex market, which has been rapidly developing in our country recently, is increasing the interest of different investor groups into this market each day.

We can summarize the advantages of the Forex market as follows:

High Liquidity
The Forex trading volume, is more than all other markets, in terms of the number of participants. The daily transaction volume, which has been determined to be 6 trillion dollars in recent times, continues to increase each day. Massive volume prevents the market from being manipulated and increases market reliability.

Ease of access
Forex market is a market that can be accessed easily from anywhere where there is an internet connection. In addition, it is now possible to access both analysis/commentary and the market easily through smartphone applications. Thus it has become possible to obtain a profit from price movements with the ability to place orders at any moment.

Commission-Free Trades
The Forex market, which does not demand commission for any transaction, provides for income only from the difference between buying-selling prices (spread) for the service provided by the brokerage company.

Two-way Transaction Ability
With Forex transactions, you can benefit from both the fall, as well as the rise of prices. In other words, by buying (opening a position in the upward direction) currency pairs or selling (opening a position in the downward direction), you can profit from both situations.

Leverage System
It is one of the greatest advantages of the Forex market. Thanks to the leverage system it is possible to carry out relatively large volume transactions with small amounts. With a leverage system of 1:200, it is possible to carry out a 20.000 dollar transaction with an investment of 100 dollars. Thus it may be possible to obtain profit far exceeding the amount of the investment.

Market That Never Sleeps
Orders can be made on the market at any time 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Sunday night to Friday night). Thus an investor may intervene at any moment, and convert market conditions into opportunities.

Wide Range of Products
Thanks to a wide range of products, it is possible to invest in foreign currency, commodities groups such as gold, silver and oil, and the world markets.