Markets includes FX parities, commodities and stock indices.

Forex is the term that refers to the world's largest financial market with the first syllables of the words Forex Foreign Exchange Forex.

Forex, a country's currency and the exchange rate of another country's currency with short / medium / long-term data used by taking advantage of the exchange rate, the international markets where the foreign exchange trading is expressed in all of today with the globalizing and digitalizing world has become a market where many more investment tools can be used. .
The most important values ​​for a country's economy are underground treasures and precious metals. With Limit Markets, you can increase the diversity of your portfolio by trading on the values ​​created in the market depending on the supply and demand situation of commodities such as gold, silver, oil and natural gas that direct the world trade.
Equity markets, which are the building blocks of international markets, are very important for the country's economy and the course of their economies. It can easily trade on the stock markets of developed economies such as USA (Dow Jones, S & P, Nasdaq), UK (FTSE), Germany (DAX), France (CAC) and limit markets through both buying and selling for 5 days. You can earn the most important features of the global stock market, both by rising and falling opportunities.

Since the market is an over-the-counter market, it is not controlled by a single center. The market opens at 00:00 on Sunday night and closes at 00:00 on Friday night. Therefore, it is possible to invest 5 days 24 hours a week on the market which cannot be found in other investment markets.
Despite the fact that trade markets do not have a central control, the transaction volume of the market is high in the regions where financial markets are developed. Some of these centers are Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, London and New York. Especially the opening of the stock markets / markets in these financial centers increases the liquidity in the market and thus increases the movements.
Transaction costs in financial markets are quite high. However, the costs reflected in the derivative transactions are considerably lower due to high liquidity and global competition.