We can summarize the advantages of the Limit Markets and Market as follows:


High Liquidity

The Forex trading volume, is more than all markets in terms of number of participants.The daily transaction volume, which has been determined to be 6 trillion dollars in recent times, continues to increase each day. Massive volume prevents the market from being manipulated and increases market reliability.


Ease of access

Forex market is a market that can be accessed easily from anywhere where there is internet. In addition, it is now possible to access both analysis/commentary and the market easily through smart phone applications. Thus it has become possible to obtain a profit from price movements with the ability to place orders at any moment.


Regulated and reliable forex firm

For a Forex company, the most important thing is the safety of the collateral deposited, and payment of earned profits. Limit Forex, subject to inspection, is not a company that earns through customer losses.


Deposit/withdrawal 24 hours a day, 6 days a week

Excluding Sundays, you can fund your account 24 hours a day, and experience the difference of our service as a first in Turkey allowing 24 hour money withdrawal.


Working with Dubai, Turkey, Montenegro and Iraq Banks

We work with many banks for fast and reliable service.


Fast funding without cost, quick withdrawals without cost

We work with 10 local banks, thus we provide very fast service.


Up to 1:400 leverage

With a high leverage ratio, you can balance your investment amount, trading with lower amounts.


Micro lot

With small volumes you can balance your risk. Earnings in Forex are provided with balanced risk.


Expert technical staff

We do not leave you alone in the Forex market, we share our experiences, our predictions.


Live support 24 hours a day

It is important to get uninterrupted service in currency markets. We are at your service 24 hours.


More than 60 products

With a wide range of products, you have many opportunities on forex.


Specific spread offers

Tell us your wishes, let us prepare a specific proposal and start to work immediately.